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Monday, April 10, 2006

Action Alert: Wild Horse Program May Not Have Intended Effect...

From the National Horse Protection Coalition today...

Dear Friends,

Late last week, the Ford Motor Company announced arrangements that they have in the works, in cooperation with the BLM, to facilitate the transfer/adopton of wild horses over the age of 10, out of BLM holding facilities and into the hands of rescue groups. (See full article HERE)

While we applaud the efforts of Ford Motor Co.'s "Save the Mustangs" program, we are deeply concerned about the current plans that are being made with regard to the long term care of the horses affected by this proposed plan.

It is Ford's intention to offer cash incentives to qualified rescue groups who are willing to "adopt" the older wild horses being held in captivity.

This plan is not suitable for the horses in question, nor is it good for the
wild horse population as a whole.

For starters, by removing the already captured horses from BLM holding facilities it enables the BLM to free up space in order to simply go out and callously round-up more wild horses in their never ending quest to systematically exterminate our nations wild horse herd.

Secondly, the wild horses do not belong in rescue groups holding pens anymore than they belong in BLM holding facilities. The wild horses belong in the wild, and should be immediately returned to public lands for all Americans to witness and enjoy.

Please take action today and let Ford know that this is not what the American people want for our wild horses! Please tell Ford that the American taxpayer has already paid for these horses, and we want them to go back where they belong.

Please suggest to Ford that should they desire to do something that would TRULY benefit the wild horses, they should work with groups who are trying to buy up federal grazing permits to be used as permenant natural sanctuaries for these horses! Ford could also consider buying grazing permits of their own, for use in permenently returning the horses back to their natural environment.

Please take action today by sending Ford an email asking them to work toward the release of these magnificent animals back to their natural habitats!

Email Now!

Please crosspost this alert far and wide! Thank you for helping!

Gail Vacca
Illinois Coordinator
National Horse Protection Coalition
Wilmington, Illinois


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