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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Get the facts on horse slaughter...

"Senator, ranchers chew on meaty issues"
By Steve Miller, Journal Staff Writer, Rapid City Journal

"...On the horse-slaughter issue, Johnson said it was difficult to explain to urban congressmen that it is more humane to slaughter old horses rather than let them starve and wither away in pastures.

In an attempt to halt horse slaughter, Congress banned USDA from paying for horse inspections at slaughter plants. USDA bypassed that by charging a fee for the inspections, allowing horse slaughter to continue. But Johnson said another proposal in Congress would halt that practice and the horse slaughter.

'It’s frustrating to me,' Johnson said. 'What are we expected to do — open up horse nursing homes? They think every horse is Black Beauty and is going to live forever.'

Some horse-industry officials say it is too costly and not practical to euthanize large numbers of old horses.

However, racing groups, including the National Thoroughbred Racing Association, oppose horse slaughter, according to the National Horse Protection Coalition Web site..."

Blog Editor: Old horses? All the research this writer has done points to anything but the impending need for equine nursing homes. EPN says it best (from their website):

"Any horse that falls within the profit margin for slaughter. Horses of all ages and sex are slaughtered including pregnant mares and foals. Former racehorses, show horses, pleasure horses, carriage horses, Amish work and buggy horses, summer riding camp horses, police horses, former therapeutic and handicapped riding horses, lesson horses, rodeo horses, wild mustangs, broodmares, mares used in the production of Premarin and the foals that are the byproduct of the production, and companion horses all been purchased and sent to slaughter.

Accomplishments won are no guarantee as demonstrated by the slaughter of 1986 Kentucky Derby winner Ferdinand and the Hall of Famer Exceller."

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