The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that's the essence of inhumanity. -George Bernard Shaw

Thursday, March 09, 2006

This blog has been locked for no reason...

The editor of this blog is writing this as a draft to be published at a later date because, for some reason, Stop Horse Slaughter was identified as a "spam blog." This writer finds it very interesting that posting has been halted one day before public comments are closed to the USDA.

This blog is a compilation of information I am constantly scanning for regarding the horse slaughter issue. I share it here. I do the work so you don't have to. But I don't know when this will be posted. This blog is "under review."

There's a problem. People see slaughter as the only alternative to "excess horses." But the horse slaughter industry isn't a disposal system, it's a business with SUPPLY and DEMAND. The horses, our companion animals, are slaughtered because there's a foreign market that wants that meat. They're not old, unwanted horses, but stolen horses, racing horses who are no longer taking the big purse, mustangs auctioned at low prices, and probably the worst--killer buyers posing as charities and do-gooders who will "give the horse a good home." Sometimes I wonder if those people wind up on this site as Site Meter shows search terms like "cheap horses"...

So what's the problem? The problem is that we slaughter as the answer to our irresponsibility--which is the real problem. Slaughtering horses is horrifying to most people and most Americans have no idea it's going on.

No one wants it here. It's an embarrassment that we can't get it stopped because the MAJORITY of Americans are disgusted by it. Poll after poll.

But it's a business with SUPPLY and DEMAND. As long as the slaughterhouses stand and the killer buyers make a buck, the embarrassment will continue.

THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO DEAL WITH OUR IRRESPONSIBLE TREATMENT OF COMPANION ANIMALS. We don't sell dog meat to the Vietnamese. We shouldn't sell horsemeat to Europe.


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