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Monday, March 13, 2006

Dallas Crown to Shut Doors...

Kaufman Residents Slam the Door on Horsemeat
by: Chad Mendell, Staff Writer
March 2006 Article # 6686

On March 3, the Kaufman, Texas, zoning board unanimously voted to close Dallas Crown Inc., one of three horsemeat processing plants in the United States. The board ordered the Kaufman-based plant to close its doors by Sept. 30, citing public health and safety concerns as reasons for their decision.

Don Feare, an attorney representing 15 area residents, told the, "They (area residents) have been having to live a very long time with overwhelming noxious odor and dead animals parts being dragged around their yards."

In November, the board ruled that the plant was a nuisance to the community, but delayed decisions on what actions it would take. For more information see article


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