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Friday, July 07, 2006

Vote on Horse Slaughter Could Occur As Early As July 10

Slaughter Legislation Could Be Put To Vote
by: Amanda Duckworth
July 2006 Article # 7181

The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act could be put to a vote when Congress returns July 10 from its Fourth of July recess. Before the break, Capitol Hill was the scene of intense lobbying from those on both sides of the issue.

..."We have had a lot of people trying to raise awareness to hopefully shake things loose. We've had a lot of veterinarians and Thoroughbred owners and breeders in town. Even (Arthur and Staci Hancock of Stone Farm near Paris, Ky.), were here doing some meetings."

The bill is believed to have the support of about 200 members of the House; to pass that chamber, a bill requires a simple majority of the 435 members.

"We should be at at least 200 or a little over that," Heyde said. "I think it will be much better in the Senate, where we haven't had as much opposition, and we've only really had one person that opposes it in the House."

U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield of Kentucky is a strong proponent of the legislation. On June 26, Brent Dolen, his press secretary, sought support from the Jockeys' Guild.


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