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Thursday, July 06, 2006

East Texas Woman Wants Horse Slaughter to Stop

East Texas Woman Pushes For Anti Horse Slaughtering Bill To Pass Congress

Horses being slaughtered for their meat, the issue will be facing congress as early as next week. House Resolution 503 would protect horses and prohibit the shipping, transportation and slaughtering of horses for human consumption. Currently, there are 3 plants in the United States that slaughter horses, including one in the Kaufman community. The meat is transported to Europe, where it's considered a delicacy.

One East Texas woman who says the practice is inhumane. Some East Texas are fighting to put a stop to American horse slaughteringhouses.

...According to the group Habitat For Horses, 93,000 horses are slaughtered every year.

"They basically stun them and they are still alive, that's all I really want to say to that nature but it extremely inhumane," says Motlagh.

...She hopes her efforts will give more horses like "Dancer" a second chance at life.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.



Blogger Sidney said...

Others in East Texas are also working to stop slaughter, but it is worthwhile to read this article and note the remarks from Congressman Louie Gohmert. Tyler Morning Telegraph Article.

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