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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Would Americans Tolerate Pet Dogs & Cats Being Eaten in Asia?

Would Americans Tolerate Pet Dogs & Cats Being Eaten in Asia?

"...Americans would be outraged if an animal shelter as a fund-raiser sold all their cats and dogs to a meat processing plant to be eaten in Asian countries.

Far fetched? When it comes to cats and dogs, yes. But every year more than 80,000 horses are shipped to meat processing plants to be eaten in Europe and Asian countries. So why would Americans tolerate the eating of horseflesh but not stand for eating cats and dogs?

That same question was raised recently by Frank Deford, Sports Illustrated writer, in these comments made on National Public Radio (NPR): 'It’s not our business to tell other people what to eat, but that doesn't mean we have to supply meals for foreigners. In some parts of the world, they eat dogs and cats. Would we permit slaughterhouses for our Fidos and Tabbys so that their meat could be exported to faraway dinner tables? That's what we're doing with our horses.'

Currently a Horse Slaughter Prevention Act is pending in the Senate (S1915) and House (H.R. 503) to stop the slaughtering of horses in the U.S. and to be sold and eaten in France, Belgium, and Asia. In France and Germany horsemeat is now in high demand because of the Mad Cow Disease scare..." [READ ENTIRE ARTICLE]


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