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Friday, June 02, 2006

Trina Bellak, founder of American Horse Defense Fund Dies...

Sadly, Trina Bellak, president and founder of the American Horse Defense Fund, lost her battle with cancer on May 28. She will be sorely missed, along with others recently lost, such as Mary Nash.

...Trina received her juris doctor from Tulane Law School and worked for a member of the US Congress and in the West Wing of the White House during the Clinton Administration. Realizing that all species deserved legal and political protection, she joined the legislative staff of The Humane Society of the United States and dedicated herself to the advancement of animal welfare through legislative and legal initiatives.

Never giving up in her drive to combat all forms of equine abuse, Trina parlayed her personal and professional experience into the founding of AHDF in 2000. Dedicated to the protection of all equines, AHDF became the premier national organization focused solely on the welfare of horses and burros, whether in the wild or domestic settings or in the show ring or the backyard. Through the AHDF, Trina used her legal education and her experience on Capitol Hill to work with members of Congress and federal agencies to shape the legislation and regulations that are working to increase the protection of horses throughout our nation.

Trina’s enthusiasm and never-ending energy and passion for the equines have left an indelible mark on anyone who has ever known her. Her perseverance and bold advocacy in the struggle for equine protection will continue to leave an indelible mark on anyone who will continue her fight... [READ MORE AT]


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