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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Thoroughbreds--NOT what's for dinner if Deibel can help it...

Far Away From Belmont's Winner's Circle, A Thoroughbred Race Horse Is Eaten

"...The serious injury to Barbaro and minor injury to Sweetnorthernsaint brings into the limelight the unknown but disturbing facts about what often happens to thoroughbreds who lose or are injured. Barbaro, who will generate millions of dollars as a stud horse, is fortunate to be recovering from surgery.

'But far away from the Winner’s Circle there are more than 86,000 less fortunate horses, many of them thoroughbreds, who are slaughtered each year in America and sold as horsemeat to be eaten in Europe and Asia,' says Joe Deibel, President of the Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc. in Glenville, PA.

Far away from the Winner’s Circle many retired thoroughbreds are sold at auction to kill buyers for horse meat processing plants. The horseflesh is then shipped overseas where diners are paying up to $25 a pound to eat horsemeat, in part because of the Mad Cow scare. Horseflesh is sold by the pound, bringing $600 to $900 for a 1,200 pound thoroughbred...[READ MORE]


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