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Friday, June 02, 2006

Opinions Overheard--the danger of making generalizations when it comes to stopping horse slaughter...

We Don’t Shoot Horses, Do We!--Galveston Daily News

In response to Gabriel Chambers’ attempt to tie his animal rights philosophy into the horse slaughter issue (The Daily News, May 27), please remember that polls show that 75 percent of the American public is against the slaughter of horses for human consumption, and the vast majority of us love a good steak.

The killing of companion animals like horses, cats and dogs for food is revolting and must be stopped.

Those pressing for the laws to close the horse slaughterhouses have absolutely nothing against the cattle, pork and chicken industry.

Americans love barbecue, but we don’t eat horses.

--Jerry Finch La Marque

[Blog Editor's Note: This is a common misconception when it comes to horse slaughter. American's simply aren't intersted in slaughtering their companion animals for food--to be eaten or elsewhere. It's fairly simple and the opinion polls are extremely clear--Americans are generally disgusted by the slaughter of our horses. So, why do we continue to let three FOREIGN slaughterhouses operate on our soil to do just that? It's frightening to see the practice continue even though the entire country wants it to stop. One wonders where's the disconnect?]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with your stance on horse slaughter. I think it cuts against the moral fiber of America. We need to push for a ban on horse slaughter. We dont eat horses in the United States so why should we allow foreign-owned companies to slaughter them on our own soil and profit from their meat?

6:34 PM


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