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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Big Names Join Fight...

Lawmakers pull together diverse coalition to stop horse slaughter

HILARY ROXE--Associated Press

WASHINGTON - A coalition of celebrities, race track leaders and others have called in from across the country hoping their voices push forward legislation that would end or limit the slaughter of wild horses. Lawmakers have been pushing for years to stop wild horses and burros from being killed at three U.S. slaughterhouses that send the meat overseas for consumption. The effort picked up steam after Congress last year replaced a 34-year-old ban on selling wild mustangs and burros with a provision that allows the sale of older, unwanted horses...

Supporters of two proposed measures - one that would stop the commercial sale of wild horses and burros and one that would ban horse slaughter in the United States -are trying to pull together as many people as possible to back their cause. So far, they have pulled together stars ranging from country music singers To "Desperate Housewives" actress...

Rep. Ed Whitfield, R-Ky., a lead sponsor on both House measures, said that Confirmed his fears that allowing sales would lead to some horses being slaughtered.

The Interior Department this week stopped delivering mustangs to buyers while it investigates whether the slaughter violates a federal contract requiring the Animals to be treated humanely. Horse advocates have solicited comments from actors -including Richard Gere and Mary Tyler Moore - and have drawn support from horse racing leaders and others...[READ ENTIRE ARTICLE]

The bill numbers are H.R. 297 and S. 576; and H.R. 503.
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