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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Letter from America--Illinois


Horse slaughter signals shameful day in Illinois history
Monday, April 25, 2005

Well, isn't this a day we in Illinois can all be ashamed of! With the entire world watching the fate of these wild horses that are no longer protected by federal law, the first ones that were slaughtered met their fate in our great state! All eyes shift our way and I hope glaringly! [_AP Report: First time
under new law, six wild horses slaughtered in Illinois
(April 22)]

At the time when we are celebrating the opening of the Lincoln Presidential Library, six wild horses were butchered at Cavel in DeKalb. I think President Lincoln would be appalled! President Lincoln loved animals. He was the first President in the U.S. that the riderless horse accompanied the funeral cortege. The horse was Bob, President Lincoln's own horse. I think President Lincoln would be ashamed of the politicians that jokingly voted the bill down last year that would have shut down Cavel and these horses blood never would have stained Illinois' soil or reputation!

Please contact your State representatives and ask them to support HB 1171
that would ban horse slaughter in Illinois! There is also Federal Legislation that would restore the protection to the wild horses and burros from slaughter (House Bill HR 297 and Senate Bill S 576). Legislation is also going before U.S. Congress that would prevent the slaughter of horses in the United States for human consumption (House Bill HR 503).

Betty Scheldt


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