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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Despite Idaho Alert, Family Pet Stolen and Slaughtered...

Read more about this beautiful 4 year-old Morab gelding that was stolen from his pasture, sold to a meat buyer and slaughtered before the family could track down their beloved pet... (Stolen Horse, Int'l.)
"Cimarron's story -On November 26, 2004 a beautiful four year old Morab gelding named Cimarron was stolen from his pasture.

...Due to the lack of enforcement of certain NYS Ag & Market rules and USDA regulations governing transport of horses without coggins as well as failure to prove ownership of the horse at consignment a young girl's best friend was cruelly slaughtered in his prime. Had proper protocol been observed this tragedy would never have happened as Cimarron would have been stopped at the in gate to Chambers."


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