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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

On the Record with Rep. Rahall...

  • View the Congressional Record and Rep. Rahall's plea to the House to co-sponsor HR 297...
    (thanks to Society of Animal Protection Legislation for the link)

    Rep. Rahall makes good points. Why has slaughter been a sudden hurried option when viable, humane alternatives exist? Rahall was prompted to introduce the bill thanks to PUBLIC OUTCRY.

    LET YOUR LEGISLATORS HEAR FROM YOU TODAY. Ask them to co-sponsore HR 297. Please also let the Committee on Resources know you want them to co-sponsor the legislation!

    Click HERE to get all the information you need (even a letter you can customize!).

  • Bush endangers wild horses...By Carla Bennett for Knight Ridder News Service - 02/02/2005

    ..."They were the heart of one of the most famous enterprises of our old wild west. They cost up to five times as much as an average cowpony because they were the best in the west — tough, sure-footed and fast, able to outrun any horse chasing them. Have you had the good fortune of seeing one of America's increasingly rare wild mustangs or burros?

    If not, you most likely never will, because President Bush just pulled the trigger on them. In the future, the main places they will appear is in Japan, Belgium, France and Italy, on dinner plates..."


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