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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Horse Slaughter News

Letter: And another thing
Wallowa County Chieftain (subscription) - Enterprise,OR,USA
Good people are appalled by horse slaughter, and good people will continue to fight until it is forever abolished in this country.

Back to Nature If it's broken, fix it; if it's injured, mend it
Tampa Bay Newspapers - Seminole,FL,USA
More than 90000 horses were sent to US slaughter plants in 2005, and another 20000 were shipped to Canada and Mexico: Support the American Horse Slaughter ...

A legislative look ahead
American Veterinary Medical Association - Schaumburg,IL,USA
One such initiative is the high-profile American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. Championed by the HSUS, the bill would ban the slaughter of horses whose ...

Letter: Not all beef producers support horse slaughter
Wallowa County Chieftain (subscription) - Enterprise,OR,USA
Closing horse slaughter facilities would have no impact on my beef production or sales. I myself eat beef. I don't eat horsemeat. ...

Horse Slaughter Bill Introduced in Kentucky - Lexington,KY,USA
Although there are no horse slaughter plants in Kentucky, a largely symbolic bill has been introduced by Sen. Tom Buford to outlaw the practice in the state ...


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