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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Video from Habitat for Horses on Dallas Crown Plant

Here is a video you might be interested in about the Dallas Crown of the better known horse slaughter facilities in the country.
View it here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is terrible! Ohh im gonna cry now! STOP HORSE SLAUGHTER!

1:10 PM

Anonymous Marisa Radford said...

Hey my name is Marisa Radford i have my vary own Quorter Thoroughbred Race Horses they are Thoroughbreds . and i hate seeing people killing and sloughtering horses like this horses are not ment for eating they are ment to have for sports and allso they are good for polling things and helping soldgers in war. and i hope that in todays world they make it aleagle for people to kill horses and if those people don't stop they should make it allso aleagle for them to kill Americas horses so if we can do that then they wont be able to hurt our horses and the only horses they will have is there own, even they would do that to there own horses i would hate to see those pore horses get hurt and abused like that if those people across the seas don't stop doing that i hope that they get kick't buy the horses and that wholfully they learn their lesson even thow i would allso hate to see people get hurt but those kinds of people need to learn there lesson and that they will know what they were doing was offul and that they will feel horrible and bad for what they did.

1:28 PM

Anonymous cecilia‚ô• said...

I think people that hurt ANY animal should get hurt themselves. it is WRONG to kill a horse (or any other animal) simply for food (unless you are in great need and in that case you should kill and clean them yourselves!!!)
but that is my oppinion

7:33 PM

Anonymous Ruth said...

hey guys its Marisa anyway you won't believe this but anyway my two horses are five year olds now but it turns out that my out of the two my filly didn't break well and so shes to dangerous to ride so i will be saling her to who ever wants to have her for sports or just high level of riing, anyway my gilding is wonderful tho he is vary smart and is real funny he has a real good personality, but anyway after i get the filly soled i will be buying a Thoroughbred who is a Pilgrim look alike, but anyway also i was mistaken of what breed my two horses were they are Quarter horses with TB Blood line, but anyway i am still praying that horse slaughter will get destroyed, but anyway take care everyone.

3:55 PM


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