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Friday, June 10, 2005

Landslide Vote Needs Follow-up

Dear friends,

I just wanted to thank all of you wonderful friends of the horses, for your hard work and support on the efforts to end the horrible trade of our horses for slaughter!

Thank you for writing and calling your congressmen, and thank you for fighting so hard to dispell the lies and misinformation diseminated by the AQHA, AVMA, and AAEP!

You are all awesome!

I would like to make a couple more requests of your valuable time and assistance...

First, it would be a great help to us if you could write a brief thank you note to each of the congressmen/congresswomen from your state who voted for the amendment!

It is vitally important that we let the legislators in our states know that we are paying attention to how they vote and that this issue is of great importance to us. I would also ask you to request in your letters to the delegates of your state, that you ask them to sign on as a co-sponsor to HR 503 if they have not already done so.

You can find out how your delgates voted here:

You can find out who the delegates from your state are here:
(click on view members by state)

You can find out who the co-sponsors are here:

Secondly, if you are an AQHA member and disagree with the AQHA position on horse slaughter, please write to the AQHA to tell them so, and also please forward a copy of your letters to us at

We will use your letter to show that the AQHA is NOT representing their entire membership on this issue.

Write to the AQHA at

And finally, please ask your veterinarian what their position is on the horse slaughter issue, and should they disagree with the AVMA/AAEP, please download a copy of our letter for veterinarians to sign stating that they disagree with the vets groups opinion on the issue.

You can download the vets letter here: instruct the veterinarian to fax the letter back to us at the number that is provided at in the letter.

Again, thank you so very much for all your hard work! Stay posted for alerts on what we will need to do next! Details will be coming soon!

Please crosspost this request far and wide!

Gail Vacca
Illinois Coordinator
National Horse Protection Coalition
Phone: 815-761-4937
Fax: 815-787-4957


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