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Thursday, March 24, 2005

ADHF Issues Alerts

AHDF - Alerts

Please write your U.S. representative (ask them to cosponsor H.R.
297)and two U.S. senators (S. 576 ask them to cosponsor) to reverse the
recent amendment to the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act
introduced by Senator Burns as a rider to the 2005 Appropriations Bill, and to
request a Congressional investigation into the government's wild horse
management practices. Specifically:

(a) Inform them that the Burns Amendment to the 1971 Act will lead to
the slaughter of this beloved part of our national heritage to supply
horsemeat for human consumption abroad.

(b) Denounce the subversion of the democratic process that allowed a
law enacted with major popular support to be eviscerated without so
much as a hearing or opportunity for public review.

(c) Tell them that your tax-dollars would be better spent on an
in-the-wild management program not based on removal.

(d) Denounce the undue influence of private cattle interests on
public land management.

(e) Urge a call for a moratorium on round-ups AND appropriations for
round ups, until actual numbers of wild horses on public lands have
been independently assessed (an overdue census).
Make sure to include your full name and address and to ask for a
response on IF and WHEN your representative WILL COSPONSOR. Be firm but

Letters to Senators should be addressed to: The Honorable [Name Here],
U.S. Senate, Washington, DC 20510 . Letters to House of Representatives
should be addressed to: The Honorable [Name Here], U.S. House of
Representatives, Washington, DC 20515 . Visit to identify your
representative and senators in D.C.

Your letters matter: in assessing public opinion, Congress counts each
letter received as the opinion of ten people. Please note that letters
sent by physical mail make a stronger statement than emails, which are
too easily dismissed. See sample letters on our site and at

It is also important that we keep the pressure on Senator Conrad Burns
(MT), who introduced the wild horse slaughter amendment, and Senator
Harry Reid (NV), a primary supporter of the Burns Amendment. They need to
hear from their constituents as well as from concerned citizens from
all states protesting this underhanded bit of legislation.

Do not hesitate to also let Bureau of Land Management officials know
how you feel about their removal policy and the sale of wild horses at
livestock auctions. Request a moratorium on these sales and
implementation of an in-the-wild management program. Contact Robert Abbey , Nevada
State Director, Bureau of Land Management, 850 Harvard Way, Reno, NV
89502-2055 and Kathleen Clarke , Director, Bureau of Land Management, 1849
C Street NW Rm. 406-LS, Washington, D.C. 20240 .

Trina Bellak, Esq.
Thanks for Caring -- American Horse Defense Fund, Inc.
In Numbers There Is Strength - JOIN AHDF TODAY


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